Here goes…

I have always been interested by the human body and thought that one day I would become a doctor. When the sight of anything inside the body made my knees weak, I had to reconsider. What really got me going into the direction of alternative healing was having a desperate need myself.

About a year after I had my daughter, I developed a spasm in my back that immobilized me for 3 days. Any movement was excruciating. I did not know what was happening or why. I didn’t know who to call or go see. It felt like a muscle problem, so I got a hold of a phone book and called and talked to several massage therapists until I felt like I found one that could help me.

I was very doubtful but hopeful about my appointment.  With one visit, I could move again and continued to improve with subsequent visits. To my amazement, soft tissue manipulation was exactly what I needed to release the spasm. Not to mention it felt amazing and was sooo relaxing to have your pain massaged away. After that, I knew that that’s what I wanted to do.

I believe in soft tissue manipulation. My therapies are aimed to be whole treatments that include ligament, tendon, connective tissue, joint health and of course the muscle tissue as well. You can experience this with Neuromuscular Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage, and Thai Massage.

I believe in Visceral Manipulation, which is so vital to proper organ function. I have also seen fantastic results with Acupressure. These  treatments gently reach into the deepest functions and treats the whole body from the innermost to the outermost layers. You can also experience this with Myofascial Release.

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