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I want to thank you for your business by sharing this complimentary issue of Body Sense magazine:

Body Sense provides valuable information about how to make massage and bodywork a healthy part of your lifestyle.

In this issue, author Kristin Coverly offers “3 Steps to Become Your Massage Therapist’s Favorite Client … and Get the Most from Your Next Session,” author Karrie Osborn shows us how a tummy rub can help colicky babies, and author Brandon Twyford explains why we call practitioners “massage therapists” and not “masseuses.” I am excited to discuss any of the information you find inside, and happy to schedule your next appointment.

⚡️⚡️Will be closed on the 4th ⚡️⚡️I still have a 2:15pm on Monday the 3rd for a 60 min & some morning spots on Wednesday the 5th!!!

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